2024 ARC CFE

Entry Information

The competition is open to all organizations and individuals involved in the process of producing annual reports. Entries may be submitted by individuals, agencies, corporate departments, organizations, or suppliers.

All entries must be based on the previous calendar year or any part of that fiscal year. Off-Calendar Accounting: We accept annual reports from Companies and Non-Profit Organizations that report off-calendar or publish late. See the brochure for details.

The following must be included in order to process your entry:

  • Completed Entry Form
  • 3 copies of each Annual Report submitted for each Category/Classification
    (For example: your annual report enters into Overall Presentation,
    Cover Design and President’s Letter - please send 9 copies.)
  • Entry Fee

NOTE: On-line annual reports must state URL.

For this year's dates, please see the ARC Awards Calendar.


Should your entry win an award, your certificate will be personalized in the following format:

Nominating Company
“Title of Annual Report”

If you would prefer any variation of the official format, you must let us know, in writing on the entry form.

Please see the Master Payment Form page of the current ARC Awards Brochure for details. The brochure can be downloaded from our web site.

Send the fee, entry form, and entry submission to MerComm, Inc., 500 Executive Boulevard., Ossining-on-Hudson, NY 10562. Make checks payable in U.S. Dollars to MerComm/ARC. Credit card payment is also accepted via phone (1-914-923-9400) or Fax: (1-914-923-9484). Contact our offices for details concerning bank-to-bank transfers.

For 5 to 10 entries, in any set of classifications or combination of categories, the discount is 5% less the standard entry fee. For 11 to 20 entries, the discount is 10% less the standard entry fee. For 21 entries or more, the discount is 20% less the standard entry fee.

Once an entry has been sent out for judging, there can be no refund for any reason.

Mailing/shipping costs, insurance, and handling fees for all entries are at the entrant’s expense. Send entry materials along with entry forms and fees. For foreign entries, we suggest you send your material either by airmail or courier service which will deliver them directly to our offices. To hasten your package through customs, please affix or mark in bold lettering outside the package – “Contest Material. No Commercial Value.”

All entries submitted to the competition become the property of the ARC Awards, and may be used for exhibition and promotional purposes by MerComm, Inc. Entries may be returned if specifically requested on the Entry Form. We will contact you regarding costs.

The ARC Awards stands for “Annual Report Competition.” Beyond the acronym, the “arcs” represent the longitudinal and latitudinal lines circling the earth, symbolizing the global reach of this international competition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do we really need to send 3 copies of the annual report for each Category? (We are planning to enter into 6 categories - that's 18 books!)

Yes! Each entry is sent out to three different judging organizations, so your six categories will be evaluated by eighteen judge panels. This ensures that your annual report is fairly evaluated by a wide range of judges from an international perspective.

What's the difference between a Traditional and a Non-Traditional annual report?

The Traditional Annual Report is in Vertical format, standard paper size and perfect bound, with full financials, which have been typeset, including charts and graphs.

The Non-Traditional Annual Report is anything else! Horizontal format, oversize, digest size, spiral bound, saddle-stitched, two parts, hardcover; designed as a calendar, comic book, game board, magazine, tabloid; written as a novel, in poetry, as a play, as parody; and any other creative, novel or imaginative approach.

How do you define an A.R. with Form 10-K?

Applicable only to U.S.A companies. It can be a traditional or non-traditional book, however the distinction is that the financials are simply a reprinting of the company's SEC filings. The words “Form 10-K” appear on the 1st page of the financials, which are usually printed on inexpensive paper, no special typesetting, graphs or charts. May be perfect bound within the annual report or as a separate document inserted in a pocket folder, or otherwise attached.

What is a Summary Annual Report?

Sometimes called a Summary Annual Review, it is a traditional or non-traditional book without full financial reporting, usually with just a few pages of financial highlights.

The most current annual report we have is dated two years ago. Is it still eligible?

Yes, such books are accepted for companies and non-profit organizations that report off-calendar or publish late. The annual report must be the current one available. (You may not submit both last year's book and this year's book!)

Our annual report is entirely in German/Korean/Turkish, etc. There is no English translation published. Can we still enter it?

Yes, there is a special category for “Non-English A.R.'s” We have judges from all over the world, and your annual report will be sent to judging organizations which speak the language in which the book is written.


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