2024 Astrid Award Winners

Entry Information

The ASTRID Awards afford all creators and producers of design communications an exceptional opportunity for international recognition.

There are classifications suitable for any professional involved in the concept, design, or production of advertisements, annual reports, brochures, catalogues, direct mail, graphic design, magazines, newsletters, photography, promotion materials, special projects, videos, and websites.

Any material produced or dated from January 01 of the previous year to January 31 of the current year is eligible to be entered.

The following must be included in order to process your entry:

  • Completed Entry Form
  • 3 Copies* of Entry
  • Entry Fee

NOTE: Video, DVD and CD entries must state the running time and format of the piece. Please provide English translations.

*Only one copy of large or bulky entries need be submitted. When appropriate, entries may be mounted on the size and color board the nominator feels best displays the entry. (“Duplicates” may be sent unmounted.) Very large entries should be entered in photographic form or on CD-ROM.

IMPORTANT: Send originals if at all possible. Judges cannot always evaluate your work properly in PDF or poor quality copies. An original printed piece certainly has a better impact on the judge!

Twenty-six major categories are offered in the ASTRID Awards. Nominators may enter their work in any combination of categories and classifications. You must send a fee for each classification entered.

The person submitting the entry will be our permanent contact throughout the course of the competition, and will receive acknowledgment that the entry was received, all information and announcements, as well as any prizes received.


Should your entry place as an award winner, your certificate will be personalized in the following format:

Nominating Company
“Title of Entry”

If you would prefer any variation of this format, you must let us know in writing on the entry form.

Fees include handling and preparation costs, judging expenses, receipt of your score sheets, and posting on the website. Send the fee (U.S. Dollars), entry form, and entry submission to MerComm, Inc. 500 Executive Boulevard, Ossining-on-Hudson, NY 10562. Payment may be made by credit card, bank transfer, or U.S. Check. Make checks payable to MerComm/AST. (Checks must be drawn on a U.S. based bank. We cannot accept foreign checks.) Please contact our offices for information concerning bank transfers.

We must receive separate completed entry forms for each individual entry. You may send one check for multiple entries. There is a 5% discount for submitting 5-9 entries; a 10% discount for 10-19 entries; and a 20% discount for 20 or more entries.

Once the entry has been sent out for judging, there can be no refund for any reason.

All entries postmarked by January 31 of the current year will be considered by the ASTRID Awards Distinguished Panel of Judges and Advisors. You will be notified upon the receipt of your entries.

Winners will be notified late April. Grand Winners will be announced mid-May.

Mailing/shipping costs, insurance, and handling fees for all entries are at the entrant’s expense. Duties and taxes must be paid by entrant. Send entry materials along with entry forms and fees. For foreign entries, we suggest you send your material by courier service. To hasten your package through customs, please affix or mark in bold lettering outside the package — “Contest Material. No Commercial Value.”

All entries submitted to the competition become the property of the ASTRID Awards and may be used for promotional purposes. Entries will not be returned unless specifically requested on the Entry Form. We will contact you regarding shipping costs.

Please do not send irreplaceable materials. We cannot be held liable for the replacement costs of the entry(ies). The greatest care will be taken to safely return your materials to you in good condition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What constitutes a ‘campaign’?

A ‘Campaign’ is defined as a series of operations or projects with a particular goal or objective. For example, a campaign might promote a new product. It could be a series of different commercials appearing on TV; or a series of print ads in a publication (or various publications). In addition, a campaign can include mixed media such as: a TV advertisement, print ads in magazines and newspapers, coverage on a news program or a talk show, posters, social media, free t-shirts given out at an event, etc.

What are the judging criteria for each category?

Criteria vary somewhat depending on the category. In general, the judges are looking for:

1) Creative, unique approach
2) Clear, concise information
3) Compelling, memorable message
4) Visual concepts, graphics, titling, etc.
5) Artistic, design aesthetics
6) Success in defining the character of the organization; or reinforcing the brand of the product or service
7) Overall success in achieving the purpose of the project


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